CRM for Dance School and Fitness Club

Hi, In the last year, I have been developing a CRM for some very good friends that own a salsa school and a fitness club in Lyon, France. The software fits perfectly their needs. After some moments of hesitation, I have decided to write a public version so that any interested school can give it a try.


  • Store all your customers data
  • Manage your classes and attendees
  • Send group emails
  • Fully billing system to send your customers their bills
  • Manage cards with point system for non-regular customers
  • Get customers birthday reminders
  • Get bad-payers list in your mailbox every morning
  • Export function
  • Take customer pictures directly from Smartphones and tablets into the CRM
  • A lot more…

How to try it ?



I don’t know yet… So let’s say that this will be free as long as it is in beta version. Anyway, the basic version will not cost more than 200$/year.

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